About our company

From our humble beginnings as a bunch of guys who just loved all sorts of gadgets, who were constantly being asked to research and buy products for our friends and family, TheThingamajig has grown into a worldwide distributor of a wide variety of functional cool products. Since we are gadget geeks by heart, it is just natural that we are constantly searching the industry for functional, high quality products that range from every day functionality to the just flat out cool to play with gadgets that we think our customers would enjoy.

Through many years of experience in the technology industry we not only have the know-how but the passion to find those complementary accessories that range from cell phone accessories to functional pocket tools. Every customer can be assured of our commitment to share our knowledge and expertise as we strive to bring our customers a vast assortment of products and services at fair prices.

Since our customers always come first, customer satisfaction is our ultimate priority as we look forward to building a long lasting relationship with each and every one of our customers.