Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge

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Dedicated mini-fridge just where you need it The Personal Chiller LED Lighted Mini Fridge has a 6-liter capacity ideally sized for a 6-pack and more to locate in your very own personal chill zone. Configure it your way with a removable two-position adjustable shelf and inside door storage rack. Keeps your favorite beverages and energy shots satisfyingly cold, and protein bars, fruit, and chocolate ready to consume. Compact size and integrated handle make it an easy fit in any size bedroom, dorm room, office, cubicle, or anywhere powered by AC or DC 12V power cords, included. The Personal Chiller chills or warms with the flip of a switch. It maintains temperature in either mode: Cold stays cold, Warm stays warm. The Cold Setting will keep things cold enough for most drinks and eats, and even preservative-free skincare, pet foods, vitamins, probiotics, medications, and more. The warm setting can be used for therapy wraps, moist cloths, or keeping a baby bottle or meal warm. This portable design has game Multi-functional features appeal to gamers wanting to chill out after a multi-play, without having to get up and seek refreshments from the main fridge. An optional on/off touch control LED light illuminates the tempered glass door at night for a cool glow. A writable, wipeable surface is perfect for customizing or messaging with dry-erase markers. The quiet operation is 100% freon-free and eco-friendly, with low energy consumption and no CFCs. Lightweight, portable, and stylish, the Personal Chiller is the perfect fit wherever it is needed. Personal Chiller: Ideal for your personal space chill zone in a bedroom, dorm, office, nursery, or mobile space in a car, RV, camper or boat.

  • Where you need it, when you need it: Stores personal favorite beverages, snacks, skincare products, vitamins, and some medications.
  • Illuminated: LED Lighting through tempered glass door with on/off touch control
  • Writable Surface: Use dry erase markers on glass to message room-mates or write reminders to yourself.
  • Thermoelectric Technology: Quiet, vibration-free operation with Chill or Warm Settings with the flip of a switch.
  • Temperature Control: Cold setting cools to 40° F / 4° C or 32° F / 18° C below ambient room temperature; warm setting maintains temperature at 131° F / 55° C.
  • Storage Capacity: 0.17 Cu. Ft./4L capacity to store up to (6) 12 oz/355ml beverage cans or more with a two-position adjustable shelf and interior door rack organizer.
  • AC/DC Power: 110v AC for household outlet, or 12V DC for mobile use, both interchangeable power cords included.
  • Eco-Friendly: 100% freon-free and low energy consumption.